andrzej kała / front-end developer

Passionate Front-end developer for over a decade by day,

An avid gamer by night.

Work experience

In my 10+ years of experience I've been creating websites and web applications using HTML(5), CSS(3) and JavaScript/TypeScript.

I had the opportunity to work with multiple javascript frameworks and libraries over the past few years like Vanilla JS, Lodash, Handlebars, AngularJS, VueJS and lately Angular 6 to name some.

SASS? SCSS? I'm up for it. CSS Transitions? CSS Animations? Check. Same applies to cross-browser compatibility and Responsive Web Design. ()

Front-end Developer

I am running a one-person army webdevelopment business since 2009. Over the course of many years I worked on multiple small and big projects for agencies like K2 Internet S.A., El Passion, Pixel PR and many other, as well as some companies – Shoplovin, Theoretical Limits, Post Sticker,, GoodGame. ( – current)

Software Engineer

Currently working on the GOG GALAXY 2.0 application. ()

Front-end Developer

I was working on application. I'm responsible for creating the frontend application from managing the back office managment tasks.

The application was using Angular 6 and TypeScript with a .Net backend.

JSFiddle ()

Front-end Developer

I was involved in development of the new version of JSFiddle. My responsibilites include creation of the new frontend architecture using VueJS framework, data architecture and frontend build process using Webpack.

Shoplovin ()

Front-end Developer

Most of my time was spent on developing the Shoplovin SaaS application. It's a service built for advertisers using mostly AngularJS with a bit of jQuery mixed with vanilla javascript and a Python based backend.

From time to time I was also engaged in other sideprojects that include mostly developing quick, one-page responsive websites with CSS3 animations and javascript addons.

Upnext Ltd. ()

Front-end Developer

I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects which were focusing on mobile payments and hyped up at that timebeacons. All webapps were based on simple templates with basic javascript functionalities (mostly using jQuery and later AngularJS) and used Ruby on Rails as backend foundation.

Theoretical Limits ()

Front-end Developer

I was working mostly on our main SaaS application that was based on Backbone.js framework. Occasionally I was also working on projects for our clients that were in most cases Wordpress based websites that needed to be built from ground up.

GG Network S.A. ()

Front-end Developer

I was responsible for creating the frontend code for many of the content sites that GG Network S.A. owned at that time. Projects were based on jQuery or MooTools, took advantage of cutting edge CSS enhancements, but also provided a graceful degradation for all the older browser versions e.g. IE6. Most of them also included a mobile version.

I was also part of the team that worked on creating a social network project GG.PL. My responsibilities were to create semantic HTML templates, make them look good using CSS and then add advanced functionality using ExtJS library.

TVP S.A. ()

Front-end Developer

I was part of the team working on a new version of portal. My job included creating xslt templates for data provided from the backend, xhtml/css templates. Advanced javacript functionality was built upon dojo javascript framework.

Devonstudio ()

Front-end Developer

Creating web applications (e.g. CMS System) using PHP (CakePHP Framework), and content websites based on SMARTY Templates. I also Was responsible for developing additional functionality to the webapps and sites using Javascript (jQuery, Prototype and Scriptaculous libraries). sp. z o.o. ()

Front-end Developer

I was assigned to work on one of the biggest polish email applications – My focus was mostly on extending existing HTML templates and creating new themes for the mail application. Additionally I also worked on a small Adobe AIR application, which in the end wasn't released but allowed me to expand my Javascript knowledge (including Prototype and Scriptaculous libraries).

K2 Internet S.A. ()

Front-end Developer

I had the opportunity to expand my skills in creating more semantic and better structured xHTML templates along with more advanced CSS techniques.

Webtel sp. z o.o. ()


My responsibilities included creating xHTML templates, made pretty with CSS and building simple web applications using PHP. I had the opportunity to work for big clients like Gilette and Nestle.